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Upper Body Massage Experience                                  40 minutes for $40.00 
This therapeutic massage is a must for anyone hunched over a computer or tied to a desk all day.  You will achieve maximum benefits in a shorter amount of time with this 40 minute session that targets the neck, shoulders and upper back.  Many people carry their stress and tension in the upper body making this the ideal treatment for headaches, stiff neck, sore muscles, knots between the shoulder blades and overall upper body discomfort.

Integrative Massage Experience                                   60 minutes for $65.00 or 3 pack for $55.00 each
                                                                                         90 minutes for $90.00 or 3 pack for $80.00 each

Your customized session will encompass many different techniques, depending on the issues you face and your own personal preferences.  These may include Swedish, which is the classic massage method for relaxing and lengthening your muscles using gentle but firm pressure. Once the muscles are warmed and relaxed we may use Deep Tissue to realign the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue which will help to relieve injury or chronic muscle tension. Trigger Point therapy may be used to address the "knots" in your muscles which can be painful to the touch or radiate pain to other areas.  Finally, stretching and compression may be used to finish up your customized session.  It is my intent to make your massage experience both comfortable and relaxing while addressing any pain or discomfort you may have.  

Monthly Maintenance Program
Clients that massage on a monthly basis ( 4 weeks )  will receive the package discount prices.

Myokinesthetic Treatment                                                          $40.00 per session
This is a highly effective therapy for chronic pain, lost range of motion and a host of other health related issues.  This treatment has been shown to be very successful with those suffering from Sciatica, Carpal tunnel, Migraines, Neuropathies, Frozen shoulder and many other issues.


Pre-natal Massage - currently unavailable.


































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